Niki + Graffiti

This graffiti I saw near Union Square reminds me of Niki de Saint Phalle… buy generic propecia online zp8497586rq

Niki de Saint Phalle

I worked for Niki de Saint Phalle when I was 18 years old…her work and life have been a constant inspiration for me ever since.  She taught [...]

Oysters in Battery Park

My cage in Battery Park quickly developed a thick covering of tunicates “sea quirts” and baby mussels last summer.

Amphibious Reef Design

order cheap cialis online This amphibious reef design is based on a ctenophore plankton and like my other reefs, functions as habitat, shore [...]

Reef Design

This reef design I created is also based on the skeleton of a Radiolarian. I create and teach how to make sustainable reefs for both oysters and [...]

Radiolarian Design

This Radiolarian was designed by Rudolf and Leopold, also based on Haeckle's work, a German father-son team working at the turn of the [...]

Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature

As I mentioned in the previous post, a big inspiration for me is Ernst Haeckel. The forms he was discovering in biology and illustrating had a [...]

Ernst Haeckel

A great inspiration for me is Ernst Haeckel, who worked at the turn of the century. Haeckel was a German biologist and artist who espoused [...]

The Brick!

I was humbled by this brick. It accidentialy ended up in a flow through tank where I was doing some experiments testing for substrates with [...]


This is an installation I made this past summer at Haystack Mountain School of Arts & Crafts. I blew all of these bubbles myself! And I hand [...]

Ozma Plankton-Head, An Ideal Ruler

I decided to share this page from my sketchbook which is a collage of two of my favorite things. The first is Ozma of Oz because of her clarity, [...]

Mascara-ti! A rare Egyptian plankton

I have started my journey in microscopy. Microscopy is taking pictures with microscopes. Last summer I worked with a TARA scientist in Dublin and [...]