Artist Statement:


Artist Statement:


My work investigates the link between our cultural and biological evolution and my rasion d’être is to promote the cultural shift towards a shared bio-ethic which begins with awareness.   We are at a unique time in the history of our planet when for perhaps the first time a sentient being is aware of the possibility that they are responsible for a mass extinction event, in fact this will be the planets 6th mass extinction event.   I believe it is the job to an artist to reflect their times and this epic story of the life and death of the biosphere as we know it is something that has come to consume all of my work.

I am trained as a classical sculptor but work across many different disciplines including film, performance, photography and theatre.   My sculptures are figurative: form follows function, function follows form- how the shape of things dictates their use in the natural world.  I am especially fascinated by the microscopic rhealm its role in our shared biosphere and how we as humans relate to it.

I am delighted when I am able to captivate my viewers’ curiosity about the wonders of the natural world with my work.  I consider all of my work to be theatrical and performative whether it is a live performance film or static sculpture each piece has a rich narrative behind it and all of my work is designed to evoke human emotion.

Finally, my inspirations and source material are eclectic ranging from field science, Japanese garden design, permaculture, rococo ruffles, renewable energy, oysters, reef design, biomimicry, microbiology, atmospheric science, bioinformatics, anthropology and philosophy.


Mara G. Haseltine

Los Angeles-  Feb 26th, 2018