‘Ernst’ The Future Plankton

  ‘Ernst’ the Future Plankton is named after the German artist and scientist Ernst Haeckel published “Art Forms in Nature”  at the turn of the century, when our oceans were healthy and robust. ‘Ernst’ the Future Plankton imagines what a plankton of the future might evolve into to combat the stressors of the today’s ocean. ‘Ernst’ the […]

Mitochondrian Renewable Energy

Mitochondrian Renewable Energy Mitochondrion Renewable Energy Pool (2004) is made with recycled materials and solar power, the work is planned for nine acres on the grounds of the “Muckenthaler Cultural Center” located in Fullerton, CA. This earth work depicts a cross section of the mitochondria, the organelle within the cell which creates energy by converting […]

Inflatable Estrogen

Inflatable Estrogen Mara G. Haseltine continues to investigate the molecular and sub-molecular structures of life using scientific data as the armatures for her sculptures. Inflatable Estrogen (2004) is the artist’s rendering of estrogen and testosterone. The artist had the following to say about this piece: “What is a constant source of amazement for me when […]

Those Could Be Anything…

Those Could Be Anything Detail Those Could Be Anything…An Inflatable Stem Cell Installation Bursting With Pluripotent Potential is a special art project specifically designed to be part of a traveling exhibition. This installation is created not only to be beautiful but also to create a forum for discussion addressing the hotly debated issue of stem cell […]

Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium

Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium What is the Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium (2005)? A world-class aquarium on the East River focusing on fabulous fish and innovative water filtration systems. Featuring a 60′ HIGH, 3 BLOCK LONG Pelagic FISH TANK VISIBLE FROM MANHATTAN and FILLED WITH FILTERED East River water! The purified aquarium water would be fed back into […]

Cell Garden

Cell Garden The Cell Garden as an Earth Work (2001), a multidisciplinary project first conceived in 2001, is a fusion of science, art, education, new technologies, and sustainability. The work is figurative in that it combines sculptures and landscape to depict a cross section of a living animal cell or Eukaryotic Cell. The choice to represent a Eukaryotic […]