Luvvy Glass These figurative busts, made between 1993 and 2004, were created by Mara G. Haseltine with the intention of capturing the essence of her subjects’ souls. how to get your ex back Materials: Bronze, plaster, glass, cast glass. zp8497586rq how to learn italian online zp8497586rq


Sting Ship This body of work explores the relationship between animals, technology and human psychology. essay writing help Anthropomorphic Works: Self Portrait With Shark; shark jaw, rice paper, egg whites, lights, horseshoe crab, 1992. Fetal Hammerhead; wax, water, metal, 1993. Cherrystone in Distress; miniature railroad tracks, rocks, shell, twine, 1993. Cherrystone Glamour Shot; glass, wax, […]