Supernatural Series

Supernatural Series III Supernatural Series One (2012) was inspired by the beauty of the mushrooms in the moss-covered forests of Maine, where after a rain the mushrooms bloom. These pieces were blown by Mara G. Haseltine in Maine. This piece is meant to be seen in situ so that the viewer stumbles across them as […]

Enchanted Oyster Sweet Spot

Biorock Recipe Book With Mermaid Detail “There is no better place to have this work at this time than on Governor’s Island. The work is located in the heart of New York City’s Oyster Restoration efforts. The Harbor School, in conjunction with the NY/NJ Baykeepers, is doing unprecedented work in urban oyster restoration. New York […]

Oyster Island

On July 15th 2010 Oyster Island: A Submersible Substrate for Future Aquatic Life (2010) a floating site specific Sculpture was launched on the Hudson River at Garrison’s Landing in Garrison. The work is part of Garrison Art Center’s sculpture show entitled CURRENT on display until October 11th, 2010. learn chinese online The sculpture pays homage […]

Radiolarian Reef

Radiolarian Reef Rendering Radiolarian Reef (2010) is the skeleton of a radiolarian which encases plankton. Plankton in our oceans and fresh water bodies creates over half the oxygen on our planet and sequester carbon dioxide. These elegant structures are eroding and mutating due to ocean acidification. This model depicts the plans for a reef structure which […]

“Transcriptase” NYC’s first solar powered Oyster Reef Experiment

Geotherapy Activism Oyster Reef Bioremediation Environmental Art

Graphical render of Oyster Restoration NYC: reef on pilings powered by solar panels TRANSRIPTEASE (2007) is New York City’s First Solar Powered Oyster Reef, a living art work, growing in the intertidal zone in MCNEIL PARK on College Point, Queens NY. For the past few years artist Mara G. Haseltine has immersed herself in what […]

Meandering Midden

Meandering Midden A traveling work of public art and an ode to New York’s environmental history, Meandering Midden (2009) was installed in three different places in 2009. Oyster middens–piles of discarded shell–once littered the landscape of Manhattan and its neighboring shores, a testament to the astonishing abundance of the indigenous Eastern Oyster, Crassotrea Virginica. Indeed, with 350 […]

Models of Habitats for the Urban Oyster

Rockin’ Reef The design for Gill Reef is based on the extremely efficient, elegant oyster gill. One oyster, in the height of the season, can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day. Haseltine observed oyster gills under the microscope and then employed the concept of biomimicry, Mother Nature’s blueprints, to create the structure’s […]

Water Molecule Dream Catcher

Water Molecule Dream Catcher Mara G. Haseltine created the Water Molecule Dream Catcher (2007) for the 19th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup that occurred on March 31st and April 1st, 2007. Inspired by nature and the natural sciences, the Water-Molecule Dream Catcher is a site-specific sculpture constructed at Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Hard Bargain Farm. micosi […]