Homologous Hope Public Sculpture

Homologous Hope (2014) Mara Haseltine was recommended by the architect Rafael Vinoly to create a significant sculptural statement for the entry of a new medical building on the University of Pennsylvania Medical campus. The University asked for a sculpture that would honor both the scientists and the donors of the Basser Center. The Basser center […]

SARS Inhibited

Singapore Biopolis Sculpture Bioinformatics

SARS Inhibited (2006) is a bronze sculpture that stands in the central plaza of the science city Biopolis, Singapore. Biopolis conducted an international completion to select a sculptor to create an installation that captures the practical application of their work. After interviewing the Biopolis scientists, Mara proposed the winning design, a sculpture depicting the active site […]

Waltz of the Polypeptides

Waltz of the Polypeptides sculpture on the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Campus in Long Island, NY.

Waltz of the Polypeptides (2003) is a fixed installation on the grounds of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island New York. The sculpture depicts the discovery of what has become cornerstone of modern molecular biology, the polyribosome in the act of creating a specific protein. The nascent polypeptide emerges for the ribosomes as they travel along […]

Lipid Love Starring Rhodopsin As Visual Purple

Lipid Love Starring Rhodopsin as Visual Purple: (2004-2005) Was the winner of Iowa State Building Prize for 1% of building budget for the University of Northern Iowa McCollum Science Hall; a campus science building devoted to science education This large-scale wall installation depicts the process by which we see in near darkness. The chromatophore in […]

Human Genome Science Building

Although Waltz of the Polypeptides looks rather extensive in its spread, it was designed to travel easily. It was originally created with the Human Genome Campus in mind in Rockville, Maryland. Mara G. Haseltine worked closely with an architectural team from the Davis Carter Scott firm to create the shape of the Human Genome building […]