Radiolarian Skeleton

Go on a guided tour or make a date with an Explorer to experience the famous members only “Gallery” formally known as the “Trophy Room” which graces the top floor of the Explorer’s Club. On May 6th on United Nations 2019  Sustainability Report that 1 million animals were on the endangered species list with unprecedented […]

Follicle Stimulator Hormone

Follicle Stimulator Hormone Mara G. Haseltine was commissioned to create Follicle Stimulator Hormone (2004) by the company Serono located in Geneva, Switzerland based on the ribbon diagram depiction of the follicle stimulator hormone. The work celebrates 30 years of outstanding work by the scientist Aliza Eshkhol. Eshkhol did groundbreaking work on the purification of the Follicle […]


Estrogen (2006) is an illuminated sculpture in the shape of an estrogen molecule, etradiol benzoate, designed by Mara G. Haseltine.  The sculpture was designed to be used as the trophy awarded to winners of the Medtronics Award, which is given by the Society for Women’s Health to an outstanding female scientist. code promo dieti natura […]