Blue prints to Save the Planet Series: The Rococo Cocco Reef

Blue Prints to Save the Planet A Series: The Rococo Cocco Reef The Rococo Cocco Reef is multi-dimensional, a living art work, educational tool, eco touristic dive site, The Rococo Cocco Reef habitat for fish and coral to thrive, and a reef brake that attenuates waves protecting shorelines endangered by rising sea levels due to climate change. will […]


Handblown glass orbs in the forest, pond, and on the shore

Futurenatural Series, 2015 According to Haseltine, her Futurenatural Series addresses the need for all of us to reacquaint ourselves with the primordial life force within nature. When harmonious, all organic matter and living matter of the biosphere works in tandem to create a balance and equilibrium.  This work addresses the life force in nature and both imagines and embraces the […]

Supernatural 1 / Supernatural 2

Supernatural 1, hot sculpted glass, rocks install shot 2014

Supernatural 1: rocks, hot-sculpted glass, dimensions variable,  2014 Inspired by the Shinto concept that everything in nature is alive and infused with spirits called Kami “Supernatural” literally visualizes them revealing the spirits of the rocks in this softly psychedelic rendition of a Japanese Rock Garden.  In the Shinto religion this moment of awareness and enlightenment when […]

Rose, microportraits of an Astrangia Peculate coral from Cape Cod

Rose Series: micro portraits of an Astrangia Poculata coral from Cape Cod, MA, 2015 Description: The muse for “Rose” — a Portrait series of extreme close ups of the coral Astrangia poculata — comes from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is typical of a coral polyp that inhabits the mid-Atlantic. Considered a coral “of least concern” […]


Radiolarian, Bay Villefranche Sur La Mer.

  These photos were taken of miscroscopic plankton that the artist collected on her travels around the world (2010-2013).  They have become muses for her sculptures as well as works in their own right.  It was through this work that the artist realized how prevalent micro-degraded plastic was in the planets waters, as it was […]

La Bohème, A Portrait of Today’s Oceans in Peril, Plastic & Plankton

La Bohème

Plankton plays a crucial role in regulating our planet’s atmosphere. These microscopic creatures produce half the world’s oxygen. La Bohème: Portrait of An Ocean in Peril, is a series of sculptures dedicated to the importance and impending peril of these vital organisms. To create this body of work, the artist collected plankton samples from waters […]

New Plankton

3 Ravenous Ctenephore Series Lithoptera

1) The ‘Ravenous Ctenophore Series’ was created based on plankton that the artist captured off the coast of Chile while aboard Tara Oceans. It was important for the artist to make this series showing not only healthy but ‘ravenous ctenophores’ after making the ‘La Boehme series’ because not everything in the ocean is sick and […]

Homologous Hope Public Sculpture

Homologous Hope (2014) Mara Haseltine was recommended by the architect Rafael Vinoly to create a significant sculptural statement for the entry of a new medical building on the University of Pennsylvania Medical campus. The University asked for a sculpture that would honor both the scientists and the donors of the Basser Center. The Basser center […]

Gill Reef

Oyster Gill Reef at the New School

Gill Reef (2009) is a submersible sculpture and is one in a series of Geotherapy art works that address the need to restore and repair the aquatic environment. buy discount cigars online The form is derived from that of an oyster gill, a design that maximizes water flow over the surface. Once submerged, a mild […]