NEW 3.5 Min Rock-U-Mentary Video: Vive La Haute Mer! Save the Seas and Ourselves Sign the petition!

Vive La Haute Mer! (Long Live the High Seas!) from Mara Haseltine on Vimeo.

DESCRIPTION:This video 3.5 min “Rock-U_Mentary” by artist and environmentalist Mara G. Haseltine announces the call to protect the high seas on in Paris France on April 11th 2013 the high seas fate in will be decided in December 2014 by the United Nations. The video is in English with a French voice over and has an upbeat easy to explanation chock full of scientific facts what the high seas are and why they are so vital for the survival of our species and all other living life forms on the planet. It also illustrates how if humans form a symbiotic relationship with the high seas and care for them the high seas will take care of us will give back to them in terms of a stabilizing our atmosphere, renewable energy, technology, food and medicine. At the end of the video there is a petition that can be signed which will go to the United Nations in order to protect the high seas which are now greatly at risk. Please sign at the site below site time is of the essence!