Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium

Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium What is the Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium (2005)? A world-class aquarium on the East River focusing on fabulous fish and innovative water filtration systems. Featuring a 60′ HIGH, 3 BLOCK LONG Pelagic FISH TANK VISIBLE FROM MANHATTAN and FILLED WITH FILTERED East River water! The purified aquarium water would be fed back into […]

Meandering Midden

Meandering Midden A traveling work of public art and an ode to New York’s environmental history, Meandering Midden (2009) was installed in three different places in 2009. Oyster middens–piles of discarded shell–once littered the landscape of Manhattan and its neighboring shores, a testament to the astonishing abundance of the indigenous Eastern Oyster, Crassotrea Virginica. Indeed, with 350 […]

Cell Garden

Cell Garden The Cell Garden as an Earth Work (2001), a multidisciplinary project first conceived in 2001, is a fusion of science, art, education, new technologies, and sustainability. The work is figurative in that it combines sculptures and landscape to depict a cross section of a living animal cell or Eukaryotic Cell. The choice to represent a Eukaryotic […]


Luvvy Glass These figurative busts, made between 1993 and 2004, were created by Mara G. Haseltine with the intention of capturing the essence of her subjects’ souls. how to get your ex back Materials: Bronze, plaster, glass, cast glass. zp8497586rq how to learn italian online zp8497586rq

Models of Habitats for the Urban Oyster

Rockin’ Reef The design for Gill Reef is based on the extremely efficient, elegant oyster gill. One oyster, in the height of the season, can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day. Haseltine observed oyster gills under the microscope and then employed the concept of biomimicry, Mother Nature’s blueprints, to create the structure’s […]


Sting Ship This body of work explores the relationship between animals, technology and human psychology. essay writing help Anthropomorphic Works: Self Portrait With Shark; shark jaw, rice paper, egg whites, lights, horseshoe crab, 1992. Fetal Hammerhead; wax, water, metal, 1993. Cherrystone in Distress; miniature railroad tracks, rocks, shell, twine, 1993. Cherrystone Glamour Shot; glass, wax, […]


Estrogen (2006) is an illuminated sculpture in the shape of an estrogen molecule, etradiol benzoate, designed by Mara G. Haseltine.  The sculpture was designed to be used as the trophy awarded to winners of the Medtronics Award, which is given by the Society for Women’s Health to an outstanding female scientist. code promo dieti natura […]

Water Molecule Dream Catcher

Water Molecule Dream Catcher Mara G. Haseltine created the Water Molecule Dream Catcher (2007) for the 19th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup that occurred on March 31st and April 1st, 2007. Inspired by nature and the natural sciences, the Water-Molecule Dream Catcher is a site-specific sculpture constructed at Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Hard Bargain Farm. micosi […]

Waltz of the Polypeptides

Waltz of the Polypeptides sculpture on the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Campus in Long Island, NY.

Waltz of the Polypeptides (2003) is a fixed installation on the grounds of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island New York. The sculpture depicts the discovery of what has become cornerstone of modern molecular biology, the polyribosome in the act of creating a specific protein. The nascent polypeptide emerges for the ribosomes as they travel along […]

Lipid Love Starring Rhodopsin As Visual Purple

Lipid Love Starring Rhodopsin as Visual Purple: (2004-2005) Was the winner of Iowa State Building Prize for 1% of building budget for the University of Northern Iowa McCollum Science Hall; a campus science building devoted to science education This large-scale wall installation depicts the process by which we see in near darkness. The chromatophore in […]

Human Genome Science Building

Although Waltz of the Polypeptides looks rather extensive in its spread, it was designed to travel easily. It was originally created with the Human Genome Campus in mind in Rockville, Maryland. Mara G. Haseltine worked closely with an architectural team from the Davis Carter Scott firm to create the shape of the Human Genome building […]