Geotherapy Declaration

Declaration for Geotherapy and Bioethics:

The following are the results of a panel discussion on May 17, 1991 at the Conference at Universite Claude Bernard in Lyons, France:

  • Accelerating environmental degradation threatens the habitability of the biosphere. We believe that corrective action is possible and urgent.
  • Our goal is long-term survival in an acceptably maintained ecosystem.
  • We, as human beings, take full responsibility for our actions by not sacrificing natural resources for short term gains and by working to make the world a better living place.
  • This choice will influence our biological and cultural evolution; we cannot avoid it without grave consequences.
  • A global bio-ethic should further develop a guide and motivate geotherapy and our cultural evolution.
  • A root problem is excessive demographic growth; the earth’s carrying capacity is being exceeded. With the present style patterns of development pollution of all kinds will increase as long as the population increases.
  • We declare that scientists [people]* of all walks of life should adopt the aforementioned goals and participate in meeting at all levels to apply these principals.


*Mara G. Haseltine : to include all “people” not just scientists

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