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This body of work explores the relationship between animals, technology and human psychology.

Anthropomorphic Works:

Self Portrait With Shark; shark jaw, rice paper, egg whites, lights, horseshoe crab, 1992.

Fetal Hammerhead; wax, water, metal, 1993.

Cherrystone in Distress; miniature railroad tracks, rocks, shell, twine, 1993.

Cherrystone Glamour Shot; glass, wax, 1997.

World’s Largest Pearl; oyster shell, resin, paint, feathers, wax, 1999.

Squirt; mixed media, 1999.

Tentacle Clock; mixed media, 1999.

Self Portrait as a Dustvac; dustvac, resin, glass eyes, hair, 2000.

Stingray Spaceship; cast acrylic, 2000.

Squid Mobiles; mixed media, 2000.