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Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium

Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium

What is the Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium (2005)?

  • A world-class aquarium on the East River focusing on fabulous fish and innovative water filtration systems. Featuring a 60′ HIGH, 3 BLOCK LONG Pelagic FISH TANK VISIBLE FROM MANHATTAN and FILLED WITH FILTERED East River water!
  • The purified aquarium water would be fed back into the East River re-creating the indigenous habitat existing there from before the Industrial revolution
  • A focal point for those committed to finding working solutions to the problem of world-wide water pollution, drawing specialists from the international community for research and development in all areas concerning the properties of water.


  • The waterfront development should be about the water.
  • The Aquarium would be an educational resource for New York and a living laboratory for researching solutions to water pollution.
  • NYC will gain a reputation as an innovator in environmentally sound water filtration technology. A shining clear tank with fish living in East River water will stand as a monument to NYC’s committment to the environment.
  • A commercial district with stores and restaurants would grow around the Aquarium, bring much needed jobs with displacing our current factories.


  • The average Aquarium in the US receives 1 to 2 million visitors a year. Because of its environmentally friendly nature, beautiful design, and INCREDIBLE LOCATION, we expect twice as many visitors to our Aquarium per year.