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Enchanted Star Sand

Enchanted Star Sand (2011) is inspired by the unique shapes of sand found on Okinawa’s beaches. “Star Sand” is formed by the shells of foraminiferans, single-celled calcareous marine organisms, that live on the ocean floor. In this sculpture these tiny star shapes cling to the delicate tentacles of a ctenephore or sea gooseberry. The ctenephore, also a tiny marine organism, is perched on a cliff while its tentacles are submerged into the water forming the reef below. This living sculpture would enhance the beauty of Miyako Island and protect its biodiversity, creating the perfect habitat for future aquatic and amphibious life. The concept for this project would be to create a living sculpture, which existed both below and above the intertidal zone. As transplanted coral develops on the structure, the reef will become a self-repairing breaker protecting Miyako’s shorelines. Solutions for coastal protection are necessary in an age of sea-level rise due to climate change. Enchanted Star Sand would be created in an area on Miyako island where coastal erosion was already taking place or would be likely to take place in the future due to climate change and water level rise. Enchanted Star Sand embodies the concept of Geotherapy or art-action to heal the planet.