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Futurenatural Series, 2015

According to Haseltineher Futurenatural Series addresses the need for all of us to reacquaint ourselves with the primordial life force within nature. When harmonious, all organic matter and living matter of the biosphere works in tandem to create a balance and equilibrium.  This work addresses the life force in nature and both imagines and embraces the ability of our beautiful watery biosphere to regenerate and create new and yet unknown combinations of future life forms.”

Summarizing a six-month series of performance-like rituals that Haseltine created and photographed in natural settings, involving sculptural objects created by the artist, her Futurenatural Series will present photographic works in which these objects– some of blown glass, some of genetically engineered “GFP Caviar”*—are depicted in settings of both human and microscopic scales. These settings include ocean tide pools, forests, and even chunks of fossilized wood. The photographs vary in size from eight inches to 20 foot mural prints.

*“GFP Caviar”—created by the artist of green fluorescent protein and other natural substances…for more info go to: