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These photos were taken of miscroscopic plankton that the artist collected on her travels around the world (2010-2013).  They have become muses for her sculptures as well as works in their own right.  It was through this work that the artist realized how prevalent micro-degraded plastic was in the planets waters, as it was prevalent in all of her samples, no matter how remote.

Materials: photographs of microscopy.

Microscopy Images:

Comb Jelly Captured off the Coast of Chile

Tip of a Ctenophore Captured of the Coast of Chile

Diatom from Irish Waters

Japanese Copepod  in Congo Red

Foraminifera Japan

Radiolarians Okinawa

“Star Sand” Skeleton of Foraminifera Japan

Japanese Copepod

“Mascarati” copepod from Ancient Salt Lake Siwa Egypt- Microscopy A. Gomez


Radiolarian and Diatom


A Radiolarian on the left and several strands of micro-plastic on the left.