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Supernatural 1 / Supernatural 2

Supernatural 1: rocks, hot-sculpted glass, dimensions variable,  2014
Inspired by the Shinto concept that everything in nature is alive and infused with spirits called Kami “Supernatural” literally visualizes them revealing the spirits of the rocks in this softly psychedelic rendition of a Japanese Rock Garden.  In the Shinto religion this moment of awareness and enlightenment when the spirit of a rock or tree reveals itself to the viewer through the many dimensions of existence it is called chinkon

It is important in the creation of “Supernatural” that its composition of materials be kept pure using just rock and glass.  Each rock was hand picked for its rich dark color and straight lines.  The delicate lichen that grows on their sides belies the fact that the rocks were recently outside in a natural setting.  The simple curves of the hand blown glass which contrasts to the straight lines of the rocks components are in fact the way that glass intrinsically gathers on the pipe as it is blown.  The glass forms themselves look like familiar if one has ever been in forest right after a heavy rain and seen the fantastical shapes that mushrooms and fungi grow in but the glass “kami” through size, scale and translucency look simultaneously otherworldly and luminous.

Though most Westerners not may not experience chinkon per se most have experienced the beauty of nature in the light on water, the colors and texture of leaves or the caress of a soft breeze.  With the creation of “Supernatural” my intention was to capture this magical moment chinkon for the viewer and display it in a gallery setting.

The Shinto notion that everything in nature has a life force in nature even rivers and deserts are interdependent is similar to English atmospheric scientist James Lovelock’s Gaia* Hypothesis that everything in nature is interconnected to form one functioning biosphere or living organism. When harmonious all living things contained in the biosphere work in tandem together and react to each other maintaining balance and equilibrium so that a habitable atmosphere is maintained.  I believe that because humans have become increasingly out of sync with not only the wonder and beauty that nature imbues us with but with its very life giving forces we have made our planet and ourselves sick.  It is my great hope that with works like “Supernatural” humans will become spiritually reacquainted with nature and take it upon themselves to heal our wounded biosphere and restore a symbiotic and harmonious existence with it.

*Gaia meaning earth Goddess in Greek

Supernatural 2: wood, hot-sculpted glass infused with uranium, dimensions variable,  2015

Supernatural 2:  was created especially as the center piece for the “Futurenatural, Supernatural” Solo show at Tatiana Pages Gallery in Harlem NY on September 9th, 2015.  The mixed media sculptural installation of carved wood and  hand blown glass, created an “incursion” into the gallery’s space in the form of a surreal and depiction of future life forms.