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Supernatural Series

Supernatural Series One (2012) was inspired by the beauty of the mushrooms in the moss-covered forests of Maine, where after a rain the mushrooms bloom. These pieces were blown by Mara G. Haseltine in Maine. This piece is meant to be seen in situ so that the viewer stumbles across them as if they have just discovered something left by a magical spirit. This piece is meant to enhance the beauty of the forest.

Supernatural Series I

These hand-blown bubbles appear in unexpected places in nature or the urban environments as if left but the spirits of of the spaces they occupy.  The work is influenced by the Shinto religion of Japan which originated in Okinawa Japans most Southern Islands in which inanimate rocks and spots in nature are considered holy or possessed by spirits called kami.  Whether nestled into moss in forest, submerged in a lake or placed on an urban beach these pieces draw attention to the beauty of the surroundings and how human-made objects can interact with nature.

Materials: hand-blown glass.

Supernatural Series II

This work of hand-blown glass is meant to be installed in a natural environment where the viewer stumbles upon it unexpectedly.  Their organic shapes mimic something found in nature but their presence and scale in nature look surreal.

Materials: Hand-blown glass.

Supernatural Series III

This series is inspired by jellyfish and microscopic diatom hybrids that exist most happily at the waters edge.

Materials: Hand-blown glass.