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Art Tour from Governors to Garrison!

There is no better way to kiss the summer goodbye in style than to see art in two of New York’s most beautiful and historic locations while imagining a healthier future for New York’s Estuaries.

Please see below for detailed art installations information and directions to both Governor’s Island & Garrison:

June 15th-October 11th, 2010 “ Current” An Exhibition“Current” a group Sculpture Exhibition at the Garrison Art Center, 23 Depot Rd, Garrison NY. The artist had created a site-specific installation for the show which literally floats on the Hudson River entitled, “Oyster Island: The Perfect Submersible Substrate for Future Aquatic Life” was created using materials, which the artist has researched for oyster Reef sustainable oyster reef Restoration.May 28th-October 11th 2010

“Encounters” a group Sculpture Show with the Sculpture Guild on Governor’s Island NYC. The Artist has created a site-specific sculpture, “Enchanted Mermaid Oyster Sweet Spot the Perfect Substrate for Future Aquatic Life” especially for Governor’s Island, which hangs from a tree in the historic Nolan Park. To create the sculpture the artist used materials, which she has researched for Oyster Reef Restoration.