The Rococo Cocco Reef

The Rococo Cocco Reef is multi-dimensional, a living art work, educational tool, eco touristic dive site, The Rococo Cocco Reef habitat for fish and coral to thrive, and a reef brake that attenuates waves protecting shorelines endangered by rising sea levels due to climate change. will be created a utilizing substrate composed of minerals found […]

Je Mange La Mort Pour Diner….

Coral and Plankton Projection

 Above  Je Mange La Mort Pour Diner.… Projection and Sound October 2015 note: the film above is meant to be projected in a loop there is really no beginning or end to it… This film is for projection and sound made especially for a live performance at the “Nocturne” which took place at midnight on […]

Amphibious Reef Design

order cheap cialis online This amphibious reef design is based on a ctenophore plankton and like my other reefs, functions as habitat, shore protection and uses renewable energy to grow calcium carbonate, the substrate that oysters and corals colonize. zp8497586rq

Reef Design

This reef design I created is also based on the skeleton of a Radiolarian. I create and teach how to make sustainable reefs for both oysters and coral that do not use plastic or concrete through a variety of methods and utilize renewable energy. My goal in creating this work is to exemplify sustainable solutions […]

Oyster Island Interview

write an essay Detail: Oyster Island Mara G. Haseltine, geotherapy sculptor, answers questions regarding her sculpture Oyster Island*currently anchored in the Hudson River of Garrison New York, until Oct 10, 2010 Question: What is the concept of Oyster Island? MGH: Oyster Island is one a series of sculptures based on research I have done over […]