Recipe for the Ultimate Restoration of Urban Oyster Habitat

For the past ten years I have been working on a book with Meredith Comi of the NY/NJ Baykeeper which will be a handbook on sustainable reef restoration methods. Our experiments and findings will be published along with a how-to illustrated guide. The recipe below is our initial guidelines for what the book will be […]

Featured Artist: SciArt in America Magazine “Straight Talk” October 2015

Mara G. Haseltine Interview: STRAIGHT TALK  Oct 2015 Issue (Images at end of the text) 1. How did you get involved making environmental art? I have always been inspired by the natural world. I remember summering in Maine as a child in the 1970’s and thinking, “This world is perfect.” I was always curious about […]

Featured Artist in “BioArt, Altered Realities” An anthology by William Myers 2015

     I am so thrilled to be part of this comprehensive anthology of BioArt ‘Altered Realities’  I really believe that William Myers has captured the essence of this ever growing movement at a poignant moment with this book! Published by Thames and Hudson it is following in incredible art history footsteps and opening viewers eyes […]

Ultimate Substrate for the Urban Oyster: An Experiment

This is an experiment I conducted with my students at the New School and Cornell Marine Exchange in South Hold in the search for a substrate that would work in areas of low salinity and also did not use plastic or concrete. free credit The goal was to find alternatives for which surfaces the […]

Oysters in Battery Park

My cage in Battery Park quickly developed a thick covering of tunicates “sea quirts” and baby mussels last summer.

Amphibious Reef Design

order cheap cialis online This amphibious reef design is based on a ctenophore plankton and like my other reefs, functions as habitat, shore protection and uses renewable energy to grow calcium carbonate, the substrate that oysters and corals colonize. zp8497586rq

Reef Design

This reef design I created is also based on the skeleton of a Radiolarian. I create and teach how to make sustainable reefs for both oysters and coral that do not use plastic or concrete through a variety of methods and utilize renewable energy. My goal in creating this work is to exemplify sustainable solutions […]

The Brick!

I was humbled by this brick. It accidentialy ended up in a flow through tank where I was doing some experiments testing for substrates with oyster larvae and spat. By far, the brick attracted the most settlement. Was it because it was on the bottom of the tank or did the spat just love it […]

Why “Fuzzy Rope” Is a Bad Idea for Oyster Restoration

This idea of using “fuzzy rope” is a bad idea because though it is cheap it is made of plastic. Plastic photo-degrades in sunlight and its particles get so small they are impossible to retrieve from the water. We still do not know the long-term ramifications of making this ‘toxic soup’ because plastic is such […]

Oyster Island Interview

write an essay Detail: Oyster Island Mara G. Haseltine, geotherapy sculptor, answers questions regarding her sculpture Oyster Island*currently anchored in the Hudson River of Garrison New York, until Oct 10, 2010 Question: What is the concept of Oyster Island? MGH: Oyster Island is one a series of sculptures based on research I have done over […]