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Earth Consciousness Exhibit: curated Mariko Mori

On the Winter’s Solstice December 22nd, Mara G. Haseltine will be part of an elite group of women artists presenting their work in a show entitled Earth Consciousness. The theme of the show, curated by Japanese Artist Mariko Mori is future projects for Miyako Island, in the Okinawa prefecture in Japan. Mara will be presenting her amphibious sustainable reef design concept through the use of a short video-poem that explains the project. The other artists are Ms. Toshiko Ishimine, Miyako, Ms. Kyoko Ogawa, Miyako and Ms. Sybilla Sorondo, Mallorca. The show takes place in an under-water gallery at Miyako Marine Park.

Earlier that day Mariko Mori will be presenting her public art sculpture “Sun Pillar”, a which will illuminate 7-Light Bay timed perfectly with the winter’s solstice light accompanied by a shamanistic ritual performed by the island’s female shamans.

Earth Consciousness Exhibit

Image above, a detail from “Enchanted Star Sand” an amphibious reef created for Miyako Island by Mara G. Haseltine, 2011