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First Artist Ever to Speak in 20 Year History of Wall Street Green Summit!

I had the incredible honor of being the first Artist to speak at the Wall Street Green Summit… but what a challenge it was. What to discuss to a group whose focus was scientific facts and figures.  

In my talk “Innovative methods of Reef Restoration” I mixed fact and make a case for artistic inspiration as necessary and crucial part of solving the climate crises because it addresses human experience and narrative.  How to explain my mission to “infuse poetry and art into the field sciences “ and why this was the best way to approach a massive ideological shift.  Why?  Because facts and figures alone can be isolated and disassociated from, in a percentage there is always an exception, right?  So, the best way I think to change perception and effect our shared biological evolution is to have a great as impact as you can on mass cultural evolution.   My answer is that is by researching primary source material making work based on that and teaching others to do the same both the viewer and the maker become engage with the natural world in a way that facts and figures cannot…human emotion is a powerful thing and I firmly believe we have the collective responsibility and ability to do so and heal our biosphere together!

So check out the talk!