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For me, being an artist in residence for Tara Oceans when they came to NYC was one of the most exciting and healing events that has happened to me in NYC since September 11th.

New York was one of Tara’s last stops before returning home to France after more that two years of an epic voyage researching planktonic ecosystems and their relationship to atmospheric climate change world wide.

Tara docked in Battery Park City near the site of the new tower which is still under construction–rising like a Phoenix from the dust–pain and ashes filling the sky with new hope.

When Tara Oceans arrived with the tower being constructed behind it, it was like a balm to my soul and my heart filled with joy!

To greet my old friends was a dream come true.

As I skipped home to the East Village drunk with happiness my path intersected with that of a beautiful hot pink water dragon! Tara had docked at the same time that Chinese New Year [YEAR of the WATER DRAGON] was in full swing! What an incredibly good omen! First of all water dragons occur only once every sixty years in the Chinese calendar, they are–like all dragons–fiercely independent flamboyant divas, however unlike other dragons water dragons think carefully before they act! Because they are careful thinkers, their fire is tempered with water. Wisdom for thought!

The best part Tara Oceans coming to to New York for me though was showing my childhood friend’s (ironically also named Tara) son Jonah around the boat. Since the sailors literally call the ship–with its ice breaking metal hull–“THE WHALE” as a nickname, it verged on a mystical experience for me to bring Jonah inside the ship!

With joy and sadness I said goodbye to Tara Oceans in New York. She is now returning home to Lorient, France. You will be missed, Tara!