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SNEAK PEAK: “Coral-Rose” Thursday June 18th: mineral enriched romantic micro portraits


Thursday June 18th One night Only!


SVA BioArt Lab Residency Summer 2015

335 West 16th St (btw 8th & 9th Ave)

5th floor 

3 Portraits of “Coral-Rose “Astrangia P.:mineral enriched romantic micro portraits-

Description:  The muse for this extreme body of close ups are of “Coral-Rose “The Astrangia poculata, from cape cod Mass typical of the kind that habitat mid altantic coral polyp is considered “of least concern.”  Sprouting like dandelions at a time when tropical corals are dying at a rapid rate worldwide.  Thriving in non coral building cluster colonies, they seem according to each individual cluster to have acquired the diversifying adaptation of having the ability to either host Xooxanthallae or not.  The clusters with no Xooxanthallae surviving solely on plankton alone.  Rose is one of those colonies of omniferorous plankton guzzling coral hence the soft translucence mineral enriched romantic micro portraits. -June 2015 MGH