Niki de Saint Phalle

I worked for Niki de Saint Phalle when I was 18 years old…her work and life have been a constant inspiration for me ever since.  She taught me that it is possible to achieve your dreams! Having her work up on 5th Ave this past fall has been a joyful reminder of that.

Oysters in Battery Park

My cage in Battery Park quickly developed a thick covering of tunicates “sea quirts” and baby mussels last summer.

Mara Visits Tara Oceans in Paris This January

I will be visiting Tara Oceans in January 2013. Tara Oceans is parked on the Seine. Tara Oceans recently completed a two and a half year voyage to take the temperature of today's oceans, testing planktonic systems worldwide to see how climate change is affecting them. Plankton is the building block of the ocean's food […]

Amphibious Reef Design

order cheap cialis online This amphibious reef design is based on a ctenophore plankton and like my other reefs, functions as habitat, shore protection and uses renewable energy to grow calcium carbonate, the substrate that oysters and corals colonize. zp8497586rq

Reef Design

This reef design I created is also based on the skeleton of a Radiolarian. I create and teach how to make sustainable reefs for both oysters and coral that do not use plastic or concrete through a variety of methods and utilize renewable energy. My goal in creating this work is to exemplify sustainable solutions […]

Radiolarian Design

This Radiolarian was designed by Rudolf and Leopold, also based on Haeckle's work, a German father-son team working at the turn of the century. Whose expertise in glass lamp working has never been duplicated. how to get out of debt fast zp8497586rq

Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature

As I mentioned in the previous post, a big inspiration for me is Ernst Haeckel. The forms he was discovering in biology and illustrating had a direct effect on the designs of the day. The below images of interiors and exteriors were inspired by Haeckel. This ceiling ornament was influenced by Haeckel’s designs: Here is […]

Ernst Haeckel

A great inspiration for me is Ernst Haeckel, who worked at the turn of the century. Haeckel was a German biologist and artist who espoused Darwin’s theory of evolution which was revolutionary at the time. This is one of his drawings categorizing the morphology of species. His work on plankton and protists is unprecedented to […]

The Brick!

I was humbled by this brick. It accidentialy ended up in a flow through tank where I was doing some experiments testing for substrates with oyster larvae and spat. By far, the brick attracted the most settlement. Was it because it was on the bottom of the tank or did the spat just love it […]

Male Pregnant Sea Horse From the Hudson River

Last week I stopped by the River Project and met this male pregnant sea horse that they have in their capture and release program. It’s amazing to me that these ethereal and magical fish live in the Hudson River! You can tell he is pregnant by the dark patch on his lower abdomen. The staff […]


This is an installation I made this past summer at Haystack Mountain School of Arts & Crafts. I blew all of these bubbles myself! And I hand finished them as well!


how to get your ex back For me, being an artist in residence for Tara Oceans when they came to NYC was one of the most exciting and healing events that has happened to me in NYC since September 11th. New York was one of Tara's last stops before returning home to France after more […]

Why “Fuzzy Rope” Is a Bad Idea for Oyster Restoration

This idea of using “fuzzy rope” is a bad idea because though it is cheap it is made of plastic. Plastic photo-degrades in sunlight and its particles get so small they are impossible to retrieve from the water. We still do not know the long-term ramifications of making this ‘toxic soup’ because plastic is such […]

Ode to Wolf Hilbertz the Father of Mineral Accreation

In 2006, driven by an insatiable desire to purify water through the creation of oyster reefs in my native New York, I traveled halfway around the planet to Indonesia to study under the late, great Wolf Hilbertz. Hilbertz, I had heard, had developed a miraculous reef restoration technique that created self-repairing reefs/beach breaks that provided […]

Ozma Plankton-Head, An Ideal Ruler

I decided to share this page from my sketchbook which is a collage of two of my favorite things. The first is Ozma of Oz because of her clarity, wisdom and rulership style–she goes around her kingdom with a magic wand, giving presents and having tea parties, ruling with a dainty fist filled with magical […]

Oh my goddess! Microscopic plastic in the plankton!

Each time I look through the microscope at plankton, it is like looking into an alternative universe where gravity has a lot less impact. It is breathtaking! I am awed. However, the thing that is weighing heavily on my heart, no matter where I have collected plankton I have found microscopic strands of plastic and […]

Mascara-ti! A rare Egyptian plankton

I have started my journey in microscopy. Microscopy is taking pictures with microscopes. Last summer I worked with a TARA scientist in Dublin and with friends from the Skirball Institute,  Ben Bartel and Andrea Gomez, as well as with members of the newly formed public biosynthetic laboratory in Brooklyn, Genspace. In January 2011, I had […]

My voyage with TARA OCEANS

TARA OCEANS is a two-and-a-half-year expedition around the world in a sailboat named TARA, which is aluminum and specially made to break through ice, as well as sail in tropical waters. The mission of TARA OCEANS is to diagnose the health of our oceans and their relationship to climate change for future generations. The ship […]

I am obsessed with plankton

vente aux enchères en ligne Plankton has been a long-time obsession of mine. Not only are some of its forms like delicate snowflakes from outer space, but it is also the basic building block of the ocean's food chain. Plankton plays a crucial role in the regulation of our planet's atmosphere. Plankton creates half of […]