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“Apresentando” Sept 3 – Oct 4 at São Paulo’s Galeria Virgilio


Bust of bust of Gallerist Kai Matusmiya by Mara G. Haseltine above

Apresentando: a Ten-Part Series of Shows

Created In Partnership with New York’s Top Lower East Side Galleries

Apresentando: Tai Ogawa is the first in a ten-part series of solo exhibitions of some of the most interesting artists showing work in the galleries of the Lower East Side, New York’s trendiest neighborhood for cutting-edge emerging art. Over the next two years Apresentando will introduce a series of young art stars, each represented by a different emerging gallery on New York’s Lower East Side.  Curator Simon Watson’s goal with the Apresentando series is to introduce Brazilian audiences to outstanding emerging artists poised to contribute significantly to the global art scene, as well as to highlight the vision of the gallerists who identify and work with such artists.

Each exhibition will be a solo by an artist; and for each show Watson has invited Lower East Side sculptor Mara Haseltine to make a portrait bust of that artist’s art dealer, whose head will appear in the exhibitions presiding over the show of his or her gallery’s artist. For this exhibition, Haseltine created a live portrait bust of Lower East Side gallerist Kai Matusmiya. Each of Haseltine’s portrait busts is made live on-site in each gallerist’s office, over a five-day to two-week period.


Above work by Tai Ogawa 2014