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Featured Artist for: agnes b. et les artistes se mobilisent pour le climat avec Tara Dec 4th, 2015 for COP21


We had an amazing artist party event with agnes b and Tara at the Blue pavilion at Point Alexandre 111 on the Siene for COP21.  It was amazing… I participated with my uranium infused champagne flutes I created based on tintinnid plankton I captured when I was on board Tara off the coast of Chile in 2011.

It was a very special international moment in Paris; history was literally being made at the COP21 Conference, we had no idea what would happen.  The horror of the Paris terrorist attacks earlier that month was fresh in everyone’s mind… so there was a special feeling of camaraderie in the air. People were determined to make a deference but also quite tender with each other.  Everyone in Paris was coming together and Paris was at that moment the focal point of the the world with a international coming together during the COP21 conference from people of all nationalities.

An Epic Night!  To get a feeling of what it was like check out the video with special agnes b. interview on Tara!

agnes b

Above still from the video there was the holiday carnival lights happening on top of everything…


Materials: Hand-blown glass. Dimensions Variable, Ranging: 12” X 3” X 3” – 7” X 2” X 2”, 2014

My glasses illuminated with blacklight so they Fluoresce with the ship Tara in the background floating in the Seine! (above)

These glowing Tintinnid Champagne Glasses (2012) were inspired by the tintinnid plankton Haseltine observed while examining water samples from oceans around the world under a microscope. They are light-hearted pieces as the artist, enchanted by their fluted forms, likens them to champagne glasses for mermaids.

Above “microscopic muses” The actual Tintinnid plankton themselves throught the microscope.

The tintinnids that inspired the Tintinnid Champagne glasses were collected during Mara G. Haseltine’s artist-in-residency aboard the research vessel Tara Oceans.


detail of interior of glass….


Above to photos from the last day of the conference Dec 13th where a much debated public gathering was allowed at the Eiffel Tower.

And on final soiree the last night of COP21 on the boat Tara herself.  It was a special toast for the departure of Marc Domingos and it happen to fall right at the same time that we got the news a unanimous vote for a wonderful agreement between all nations attending the COP21 conference was reached!  So we were celebrating  both Mark and also the end of two weeks of intense negotiations with a very positive results.  For example, the small island states voice was finally heard and the temperature increase goal was lowered 1.5 c from the original 2 c with was the number that the conference started with, also an added addendum for a check in to see how the nations were reaching their goals every 5 years was added and finally oh joy oh rapture the ocean was finally included for the first time in the language of the document as an environmental concern whose protection needs to be addressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now its time for economy, law and invention to step up to the sustainable clean energy plate!


A toast to the future of the planet and Marc Domingos’ last day with Tara!