“Women of the Deep“ for Pathfinders Symposium at the Explorers Club

Mara G. Haseltine “Notes: On Infusing the Field Sciences with Art and Poetry For the Pathfinders Symposium Nov 5th and 6th 2021 Explorer’s Club- Whose Mission is to “Explore: Air, Land and Sea…by whatever means possible” This 5 min spot by artist, educator, enviornmental activist, and explorer Mara G Haseltine as an introduction of her […]

Blue prints to Save the Planet Series: The Rococo Cocco Reef

Blue Prints to Save the Planet A Series: The Rococo Cocco Reef The Rococo Cocco Reef is multi-dimensional, a living art work, educational tool, eco touristic dive site, The Rococo Cocco Reef habitat for fish and coral to thrive, and a reef brake that attenuates waves protecting shorelines endangered by rising sea levels due to climate change. will […]

The Rococo Cocco Reef

The Rococo Cocco Reef is multi-dimensional, a living art work, educational tool, eco touristic dive site, The Rococo Cocco Reef habitat for fish and coral to thrive, and a reef brake that attenuates waves protecting shorelines endangered by rising sea levels due to climate change. will be created a utilizing substrate composed of minerals found […]

Portraits of My Mother

 “Portraits of My Mother” by Mara G. Haseltine On May 14th science-based artist Mara G. Haseltine will have a virtual online exhibit ,“Portraits of My Mother” – the most intimate and personal work the artist has created. “Portraits of My Mother” is an homage to the artist’s recently deceased mother, Patricia Gercik Haseltine. Patricia […]

Radiolarian Skeleton

Go on a guided tour or make a date with an Explorer to experience the famous members only “Gallery” formally known as the “Trophy Room” which graces the top floor of the Explorer’s Club. On May 6th on United Nations 2019  Sustainability Report that 1 million animals were on the endangered species list with unprecedented […]

Recipe for the Ultimate Restoration of Urban Oyster Habitat

For the past ten years I have been working on a book with Meredith Comi of the NY/NJ Baykeeper which will be a handbook on sustainable reef restoration methods. Our experiments and findings will be published along with a how-to illustrated guide. The recipe below is our initial guidelines for what the book will be […]

La Bohème, A Portrait of Today’s Oceans in Peril, Plastic & Plankton

La Bohème

Plankton plays a crucial role in regulating our planet’s atmosphere. These microscopic creatures produce half the world’s oxygen. La Bohème: Portrait of An Ocean in Peril, is a series of sculptures dedicated to the importance and impending peril of these vital organisms. To create this body of work, the artist collected plankton samples from waters […]

Homologous Hope Public Sculpture

Homologous Hope (2014) Mara Haseltine was recommended by the architect Rafael Vinoly to create a significant sculptural statement for the entry of a new medical building on the University of Pennsylvania Medical campus. The University asked for a sculpture that would honor both the scientists and the donors of the Basser Center. The Basser center […]

Je Mange La Mort Pour Diner….

Coral and Plankton Projection

Above  Je Mange La Mort Pour Diner.… Projection and Sound October 2015 note: the film above is meant to be projected in a loop there is really no beginning or end to it… This film is for projection and sound made especially for a live performance at the “Nocturne” which took place at midnight on October […]

Watch the trailer for ‘Invisible Ocean: Plankton and Plastic’

About INVISIBLE OCEAN: PLANKTON AND PLASTIC: During a Tara Oceans expedition to study the health of the oceans, sci-artist Mara Haseltine finds an unsettling presence in samples of plankton she collected. The discovery inspires her to create a sculpture showing that the microscopic ocean world affects all life on Earth.

Uranium–For Art, Not Bombs

I first came acrossuranium-infused glass in the Millville Art Museum in New Jersey. They have a fine collection of tableware made with uranium-infused pressed glass. As a side note, Millville was the hub for pressed glass in the 1880s. When it was discovered that uranium could be used to create nuclear bombs, all uranium was […]

La Boheme–A Portrait of Today’s Oceans in Peril

I’ve started to create a series of works based on my disturbing realization that all of my plankton samples contain tiny UV-degraded plastics from water bodies around the world, some very remote. The first of this series was collected in February-March 2011 off the coast of Chile aboard Tara Oceans. The first of the La Boheme […]

Oyster Island

On July 15th 2010 Oyster Island: A Submersible Substrate for Future Aquatic Life (2010) a floating site specific Sculpture was launched on the Hudson River at Garrison’s Landing in Garrison. The work is part of Garrison Art Center’s sculpture show entitled CURRENT on display until October 11th, 2010. learn chinese online The sculpture pays homage […]

SARS Inhibited

Singapore Biopolis Sculpture Bioinformatics

SARS Inhibited (2006) is a bronze sculpture that stands in the central plaza of the science city Biopolis, Singapore. Biopolis conducted an international completion to select a sculptor to create an installation that captures the practical application of their work. After interviewing the Biopolis scientists, Mara proposed the winning design, a sculpture depicting the active site […]

Flag 75

Take a journey on Tara Oceans with artist Mara G. Haseltine.

Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium

Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium What is the Bio-Filtered Brooklyn Aquarium (2005)? A world-class aquarium on the East River focusing on fabulous fish and innovative water filtration systems. Featuring a 60′ HIGH, 3 BLOCK LONG Pelagic FISH TANK VISIBLE FROM MANHATTAN and FILLED WITH FILTERED East River water! The purified aquarium water would be fed back into […]

Meandering Midden

Meandering Midden A traveling work of public art and an ode to New York’s environmental history, Meandering Midden (2009) was installed in three different places in 2009. Oyster middens–piles of discarded shell–once littered the landscape of Manhattan and its neighboring shores, a testament to the astonishing abundance of the indigenous Eastern Oyster, Crassotrea Virginica. Indeed, with 350 […]


Luvvy Glass These figurative busts, made between 1993 and 2004, were created by Mara G. Haseltine with the intention of capturing the essence of her subjects’ souls. how to get your ex back Materials: Bronze, plaster, glass, cast glass. zp8497586rq how to learn italian online zp8497586rq