“Women of the Deep“ for Pathfinders Symposium at the Explorers Club

Mara G. Haseltine “Notes: On Infusing the Field Sciences with Art and Poetry For the Pathfinders Symposium Nov 5th and 6th 2021 Explorer’s Club- Whose Mission is to “Explore: Air, Land and Sea…by whatever means possible” This 5 min spot by artist, educator, enviornmental activist, and explorer Mara G Haseltine as an introduction of her […]

Portraits of My Mother

 “Portraits of My Mother” by Mara G. Haseltine On May 14th science-based artist Mara G. Haseltine will have a virtual online exhibit ,“Portraits of My Mother” – the most intimate and personal work the artist has created. “Portraits of My Mother” is an homage to the artist’s recently deceased mother, Patricia Gercik Haseltine. Patricia […]

Recipe for the Ultimate Restoration of Urban Oyster Habitat

For the past ten years I have been working on a book with Meredith Comi of the NY/NJ Baykeeper which will be a handbook on sustainable reef restoration methods. Our experiments and findings will be published along with a how-to illustrated guide. The recipe below is our initial guidelines for what the book will be […]

NEW WORKSHOP! Nov2nd- Dec 14th: Oceanic Art Through the Microscope @ Waterfront Education, Redondo Beach

Radiolarian, Bay Villefranche Sur La Mer.

Title: Oceanic Art Through the Microscope: An Art and Field Study’s class To sign Up GOTO: http://www.waterfronteducation.org/oceanic-art/ Class is Open to Middle Schoolers! To sign up for this class goto: www.waterfronteducation.org Information and Description of Class: Nov 2nd-December 14th  Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Waterfront Education Class Location: Marine Innovation Hub at SEA Lab – 1021 N. Harbor Drive, […]

Eulogy for My Mentor and Friend Dr. Claire Broadbridge August 2nd 1937-Sept 2nd 2017

Above Dr. Claire  Broadridge with her son Stephen in the garden in St.Ann’s Port of Spain Trinidad late 60’s Eulogy for Dr. Claire Broadridge: August 2nd 1937- September 2nd 2017 Dr. Claire Broadridge was a force of nature.   A woman forever on a mission she changed landscapes, buildings and lives. I know this because I […]

Labocine May 2017 Spotlight!

Check out my online interview with Imagine Science Films Director Alexis Gambis on “Lobocine” May 2017 a SciArt global film archive: ” Microscopic Melodramas, A Surrealistic Look at Our Oceans in Peril”. To read article & see films goto: https://www.labocine.com/spotlight/88 Or read article below and see films in “video” section of this website   Interview […]

Long Live the Octopus!

The word Octopus is Greek in origin Octo meaning eight which stands for its arms or tentacles.  So for once and for all the plural of Octopus is Octopuses not Octopie which would be Latin. It is an ancient creature the oldest known fossil dating back 296 million years ago to the Carboniferous Period. They […]

Villefranche Sur La Mer: History, Plankton & Micro-plastic

Villefranche Sur La Mer: This fall I had the wonderful luck to stay in Villefranche Sur la Mer, an ancient coastal town on the Mediterranean right after tourist season ended for a week.  I first learned about Villefranche because of its famous marine biology station where many of the Tara, scientists, engineers and microscopists work.  […]

Musée Océanographique de Monaco Revisited

Musée Océanographique de Monaco I could not believe it I had not been there since hitchhiking across Europe at age 18 and being once again submerged it in treasure trove of 19thc. marine specimins and art and actually exhibiting there was overwhelming!  I realize my visit there has been informing my practice as an artist […]

Confessions of a Sea Creature Trapped in an Artists Body

    All my life like many artists I have felt alone out of place a misfit.  No I am not gay, overtly shy or a racial minority many of the other things that many people struggle with as they strive to be a functioning happy member of society its worse…I feel and have always […]